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It's all about the right state of mind...There's a phrase that is common in professional sports that refers to the moment when an athlete is in the perfect state of mind. The athlete is In the Zone. And while Robin Zollinger was never a professional athlete, she does know a thing or two about that perfect state of mind. It can be said that she was in the zone throughout her career as one of the busiest commercial producers in the country, managing production on spots for dozens of major companies. Working with high-end budgets, bringing hundreds of different elements together within a narrow timeline to bring a commercial from concept to complete production, Robin was in her element. Every thought and decision was focused on the project. There are many different pieces that have to come together to make a real estate transaction successful, she says. When you truly listen to and understand your clients, their individual needs become the driving force in every step of the process. The mindset and belief that her client is priority number one has made a difference. She enjoys the personal side of real estate, working one-on-one with the buyers and sellers to help them reach their goals. In the film industry, I worked tirelessly to make an entire production company come together, she says. In real estate, I get to see immediate results by impacting peoples' lives. When I think about how important a move is to someone, it motivates me to give them every ounce of energy I have. In one of the most exciting real estate markets in the country, it's good to know a high-powered professional who knows the area and knows how to help you get the most out of your real estate change. Whether you are buying or selling your home, you can count on Robin Zollinger when you need Performance. Pure and Simple.



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